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Edinburgh Festival Of Cycling
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The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling has been listed as one of the UK’s best cycling festivals by The Guardian and Total Women’s Cycling 2015 (and in 2014 too). The festival was first run in 2013, in 2014 it offered over 80 individual events at 46 different venues, with people from around the world participating in it.

As a proper Edinburgh style festival, the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling runs for over a week (the first year for nine days, and from the second year onward for 10 days), it is a real showcase for all aspects of bicycle culture and the City of Edinburgh. It aims to challenge peoples perceptions of what cycling is and to put Edinburgh on the international map as a cycling city. Featuring a wide range of events: from rides (sporty and otherwise), to family activities, to a range of cultural events, The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling truly has something for everyone!

The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling Ltd. is a not for profit social enterprise, run by a small group of people. Any profits made from running The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling will be distributed to Edinburgh-based cycling organisations, which work to promote cycling as transport, sport or leisure activity, chosen by the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling team.

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