EIFF: Shorts Strand Events

Edinburgh International Film Festival presents a thrilling showcase of the finest brand-new short films from across the globe.

EIFF: Shorts Strand Events

About EIFF: Shorts Strand Events

These specially curated selections invite audiences to traverse fascinating thematic pathways and explore the innovative and exciting work of some of the most talented short-form filmmakers from both the UK and further afield.

Works investigating how we perceive the world through moving image (Optics), the delirious slippage between dream and reality (Dream Images), engaging the body as a political force (Resistant Bodies) and two programmes showcasing UK talent (Firecracker and Kaleidoscope).

Please note, the films in each individual programme may not screen in the order listed.

***21st June***

Bridging the Gap - Love - 4pm Filmhouse 1
Six shorts from the Scottish Documentary Institute’s emerging talent initiative Bridging the Gap on the theme of love. A kaleidoscope of intimate and thought-provoking stories: love in the face of death, love that drives you, unspoken desires and the complicated love we hold for home and family.

Crannog by Isa Rao/UK/2018/13 mins

Ululation by Carina Haouchine/UK/2018/10 mins

The Racer by Alex Harron/UK/2018/10 mins

I Don't Want to Call It Home by Léa Luiz de Oliveira, Nisan Yetkin/UK/2018/10 mins

El Hor by Dianne Lucille Campbell/UK/2018/13 mins

Stretch by Jay Bedwani/UK/2018/12 mins

Dream Images - 6pm Cineworld
Image and sound are synthesised to create a dreamlike trajectory through the reimagined biography of an enigmatic Bollywood performer. Hazy field notes that hover between reality and fiction are drawn from the travels of legendary Japanese underground folk singer Kazuki Tomokawa. The tension between the familiar and the mystical is channeled through the alchemical communion between landscape, folklore and the individual in both Haiti and rural India.

A Fortress (Une forteresse) by Miryam Charles/Canada, Haiti/2018/6 mins

At Dawn the Flowers Open the Gates of Paradise by Elzbieta Piekacz/UK/2017/13 mins

Ayesha by Yanyu Dong/India, China, USA/2017/21 mins

My Home is a Dog that Lives Inside Me by Adam Briggs/Australia, Japan/2017/13 mins

And What is the Summer Saying by Payal Kapadia/India/2018/23 mins

***22nd June***

Optics - 6.20pm Cineworld
How does cinema both reflect and distort reality in striking and unexpected ways? Taking this question as a guiding principle, Optics sets in motion a dual investigation into the power of cinematic illusion, as well as the processes and visual language behind the very creation of moving images. These shorts explore performance and its relationship to fiction, the physical and tactile methodologies implicit within analogue filmmaking, an ingenious collapsing of the distance between image and audience, and a foregrounding of the poetic moments uncovered within the everyday.

Tomato by Mark Jenkin/UK/2017/8 mins

Monument: Parts One and Two by Tom Chick/UK/2018/15 mins

Sunstone by Filipa César, Louis Henderson/France, Portugal/2018/35 mins

Un geste d'amour by Maya Corboud/Switzerland/2017/11 mins

Smoke & Mirrors by Tris Vonna-Michell/Sweden/2018/8 mins

***23rd June***

UK 1: Firecracker - 3.55pm Cineworld
Teeming with imagination, directorial vision and creative verve, the search for connection and meaning within the chaos of postmodern society echoes through each of these shorts. Journeying into the surreal world of competitive dog shows; negotiating the perils of online dating; the challenges of queer parenting; and the explosive power dynamics that shape our relationships with lovers, family, friends and foes.

Baby Gravy by Marley Morrison/UK/2017/12 mins

Dogma by Francesco Rufini/UK/2018/11 mins

Blue Christmas by Charlotte Wells/UK, USA/2017/16 mins

Bunny by Shaun Hughes/UK/2018/18 mins

12 Point Kill by Iain Mitchell/UK/2018/14 mins

None of the Above by Siri Rodnes/UK/2018/16 mins

Time Away by Maxine Peake/UK/2017/13 mins

The Young & the Wild - 6.25pm Cineworld
Ranging from light hearted to bittersweet, we are delighted to present this year’s collection of shorts, hand picked by our EIFF young programmers. Constantly entertaining and frequently thought-provoking, the programme includes a heart-warming homage to Back to the Future, a deliciously subversive search for sexual freedom, and a delightful delve into kazoo playing in a care home. There is something here for all tastes and our selection is guaranteed to inspire, entertain and intrigue.

Dressed for Pleasure (Je fais où tu me dis) by Marie de Maricourt/Switzerland/2017/17 mins

Ode to Joy by Michael Koshkin/USA/2017/12 mins

Time Traveller by Steve Kenny/UK, Ireland/2017/11 mins

I Will Not Write Unless I Am Swaddled In Furs by Wade Shotter/New Zealand/2017/6 mins

Kiem Holijanda by Sarah Veltmeyer/Netherlands/2017/14 mins

Pop Rox by Nate Trinrud/USA/2017/14 mins

JUCK [THRUST] by Olivia Kastebring/Sweden/2018/18 mins

***24th June***

Where's Your Skirt? - 3.50pm Cineworld
What does it take to be an adult? Let’s hope it’s not cooking. But is it finding your own expression? Taking risks? A sense of responsibility? This programme of short films explores the ideas of adulthood through aspirations of youth across cultures using narrative and documentary films. A carefully curated selection of recently completed films from students from the UK’s film academies, presented by MSc Film, Exhibition & Curation at the University of Edinburgh.

Winter with Umma (Gyeoulgwa Umma) by Suhyun Song/South Korea, UK/2017/9 mins

Salt & Sauce by Alia Ghafar/UK/2017/11 mins

some of these days by Vincent Förster/Germany, UK/2018/16 mins

Three Centimetres by Lara Zeidan/UK/2018/9 mins

Bo & Mei by Camille Liu Nock/UK/2017/15 mins

Homage to Kobane by Soran Qurbani/UK/2017/13 mins

Good Girls by Niamh McKeown/UK/2017/10 mins

Resistant Bodies - 6.20pm Cineworld
Taking as inspiration some of the themes central to Hammer's work, this programme further unpacks these ideas to present a striking panorama of contemporary artists, unified by a similarly radical spirit of playful subversion and aesthetic experimentation. With a focus on the politics of the body, physicality is explored and celebrated through the lenses of performance, space, sensuality and visibility. See also Defiant Bodies: Celebrating Barbara Hammer.

Curated by Lydia Beilby and Kim Knowles.

RIOT NOT DIET by Julia Fuhr Mann/Germany/2018/17 mins

STA! by Pêdra Costa/Austria, Brazil, Germany/2017/6 mins

La Mesa by Adrian Garcia Gomez/USA/2018/10 mins

Between Relating and Use by Nazlı Dinçel/Argentina, USA/2018/9 mins

Giverny I (NÉGRESSE IMPÉRIALE) by Ja’Tovia Gary/France, USA/2017/6 mins

The World is Round so that Nobody Can Hide in the Corners - Part II: The Kiss by Leandro Goddinho/Germany/2017/5 mins

Printed Sunset by Andrés Baron/Colombia, France/2017/6 mins

Carolee, Barbara and Gunvor by Lynne Sachs/USA/2018/9 mins

***25th June***

Spectres - 6pm Cineworld
An artist in New York battles to make work amid steeply rising rents and living expenses, while a young woman mischievously disarms the power dynamics connected to the dominant male gaze. A surreal trip into the underside of the American dream exposes the darker side of human nature, and we follow the trail of a morally dubious private detective.

Medusa by India Donaldson/USA/2017/11 mins

Unfinished, 2017 (Mixed Media) by Rafael Salazar Moreno/USA/2017/16 mins

& This Too Shall Pass by Salter & Kihlstedt/USA/2017/14 mins

Headless Swans by Jordan Freeman Klaja/USA/2018/25 mins

Souls of Totality by Richard Raymond/UK, USA/2018/18 mins

***27th June***

UK 2: Kaleidoscope - 6.20pm Cineworld
The spirit of innovation and creativity is in full force in this exciting combination of documentary and fiction shorts, drawing together the work of filmmakers from across Scotland. Witness the body explored as a map of remarkable individual experience; an artist's performative dialogue with the Norwegian landscape; the nocturnal hunt for kinship within the urban metropolis and the Scottish wilds presented as both a powerful reflection of personal desolation and a place of spiritual renewal.

These Are My Hands by Evi Tsiligaridou/UK/2018/8 mins

My Head on the Mountain by Anna Stoltzmann/UK/2017/13 mins

Lift Share by Virginia Heath/UK/2018/21 mins

My Loneliness Is Killing Me by Tim Courtney/UK/2018/16 mins

I Was Here by Joe Carter/UK/2018/11 mins

Tomorrow Might Be The Day by Joséfa Celestin/UK/2018/20 mins

***30th June***

New Visions - 3.35pm Cineworld
We have invited filmmakers in Scotland aged 14 to 25 to submit their newest works to EIFF’s very first New Visions short film competition. Out of all the entries, our youth advisory group has selected the most fiery, dazzling and delightful new filmmaker visions to be screened at EIFF and compete for one of two New Visions Awards. Feel the spark at this free public screening.

A Waste of Time by Libby Cavaye, Eilidh MacKinnon/UK/2018/4 mins

Ghost by Georgia Ayres, Sammy McDonald/UK/2017/7 mins

Home by Amber Grieve/UK/2018/2 mins

I AM. by Sandy Morrison/UK/2018/2 mins

INT. Restaurant - Day by Luca MacCormick/UK/2017/5 mins

It's A Small World by Rae-Yen Song/Sri Lanka/2017/15 mins

Jolie by Tom W. Motarski/UK/2018/8 mins

Locker Room by Eden Ferrari/UK/2018/8 mins

Nights Out by Li Gong/UK/2018/15 mins

One Punch Kid by Kitty Darling/UK/2018/8 mins

Somewhere Scary, 1997 by Ruidi Collins/UK/2018/8 mins

The Big Spread by Antonis Kassiotis/UK/2018/2 mins

While we take every opportunity to ensure the details for EIFF: Shorts Strand Events are accurate, we always advise that you contact the event organiser before setting out for the event to avoid disapointment.

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