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Join us for a wonderful selection of new European films that are powerfully visionary and passionate about storytelling.

EIFF: European Perspectives Strand Events

About EIFF: European Perspectives Strand Events

With titles from France, Bulgaria, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries, this impressive selection of films makes for entertaining and challenging viewing. While many films contain a subtext of political commentary or delve into subtle geographic nuances, others are classically entertaining.

The variety of cinema on offer brings us a little closer to our European neighbours and adds further understanding to what it means to be European. This year, we expand our European focus to include six free screenings of classic European films – six films from six decades and six countries – allowing audiences old and new to sample a selection of European classics.

Supported by James and Morag Anderson

***21st June***

3/4 - 6pm Vue Omni
Teenage Mila (Mila Mihova) is a gifted pianist preparing for an important audition. She must contend with her attention-seeking younger brother Niki (Nikolay Mashalov) and her caring but distracted astrophysicist father. Each is immersed in their own world, yet their togetherness sustains in spite of their distance from each other. Ilian Metev has crafted a gentle, sincere study of a fragmented family that emanates truthfulness and genuine humanity. Featuring distinctive cinematography and brilliant performances from its largely unprofessional cast.

What Will People Say (Hva vil folk si) - 6.10pm Vue Omni
The price of teenage rebellion is dramatic in writer/director Iram Haq’s autobiographical second feature. Maria Mozhdah is striking as Nisha, a teenager living in Oslo with her strict Pakistani family. Polite at home but a typical teen with her friends, Nisha’s double life collapses when she is caught bringing a boy home by her father. She’s sent to Pakistan, where she is forced to try and adapt to a country she has little association with. A thoughtful and provocative film that weaves an emotional and memorable story.

The Secret of Marrowbone - 6.30pm Cineworld
Supernatural thrills and chills slowly develop and absorb in this beautifully made directorial debut from Sergio G Sánchez, screenwriter of The Orphanage and The Impossible. George MacKay stars as Jack, the oldest of four British children who travel to the remote and decaying family home of their dying mother in America. They change their family name to hide from their brutal father, and, while the children try to avoid detection, they also grow increasingly afraid of an evil spirit that lurks upstairs.

***22nd June***

3/4 - 6pm Vue Omni
See 21st June for details.

Zagros - 8.30pm Vue Omni
The constraints of tradition and familial influence conspire to drive a pregnant Kurdish woman, Havin (Halima Ilter), from her shepherd husband, Zagros (Feyyaz Duman), after villagers spread rumours that she is having an affair. She finds her way Belgium, where she starts a new life, but Zagros follows her. While he loves her on his own terms, old suspicions and jealousies emerge. An astute film about issues faced by women in Kurdistan, tinged with a sense of sadness.

C'est la vie! (Le sens de la fête) - 8.40pm Odeon 2
Co-directors and screenwriters Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache gained appropriate attention thanks to their sublime film Intouchables (2011). With C’est la vie! they tell the delightfully sprawling story of a day in the life of an ageing Parisian wedding caterer (beautifully played by Jean-Pierre Bacri) driven to frustrated distraction as a complex wedding in a 17th-century chateau unravels. This is a sophisticated ensemble comedy with a broad multi-ethnic and multi-generational cast, all driven by a breezy score (just like Intouchables) that delivers real, irreverent pleasure.

The Secret of Marrowbone - 8.40pm Cineworld
See 21st June for details.

***23rd June***

C'est la vie! (Le sens de la fête) - 3.30pm Cineworld
See 22nd June for details.

Mug (Twarz) - 5.55pm Cineworld
A wonderful, deadpan farce tackling the current state of Poland, Mug is the latest film from one of the country’s most talented filmmakers, writer and director Małgorzata Szumowska. The charismatic Mateusz Kościukiewicz stars as Jacek, a free spirited bad boy who works helping to build a massive statue of Christ and gets engaged to the equally carefree Dagmara (Małgorzata Gorol). After an accident, Jacek’s face has to be rebuilt and the film becomes a farcical comedy drama as friends and family become wary of his new look.

Zagros - 6.10pm Vue Omni
See 22nd June for details.

Never Leave Me (Bırakma Beni) - 8.40pm Vue Omni
14-year-old Isa escaped the horrors of war-torn Syria, only to find himself orphaned and alone in Turkey. Now living in an orphanage for Syrian refugees in the historic city of Şanlıurfa, Isa teams up with two younger boys, sweet-tempered Motaz and mischievous Ahmad, as they plan a better future for themselves. Featuring exceptional performances from a largely non-professional cast, writer-director Aida Begić crafts a heartfelt and deeply moving story that reinforces the power of friendship, love and hope in the face of adversity and trauma. [15]

Thick Lashes of Lauri Mäntyvaara (Lauri Mäntyvaaran tuuheet ripset) - 8.45pm Cineworld
The feature debut of writer/director Hannaleena Hauru (and from the producers of The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki), this wonderfully made film follows best friends Satu and Heidi, who preach that real love is not for sale as they sabotage posh weddings on their picturesque Finnish archipelago. When Heidi falls for ice hockey star Lauri Mäntyvaara, Satu finds herself alone. Their friendship and revolutionary notions are put to the test, as Satu must decide what she really wants.

***24th June***

Never Leave Me (Bırakma Beni) - 1.10pm Vue Omni
See 23rd June for details.

Mug (Twarz) - 3.15pm Odeon 4
See 23rd June for details.

Thick Lashes of Lauri Mäntyvaara (Lauri Mäntyvaaran tuuheet ripset) - 3.35pm Vue Omni
See 23rd June for details.

Those Who Are Fine (Dene wos guet geit) - 6.10pm Vue Omni
A young woman working in a call centre in Zurich runs an extortion scam where she contacts elderly women and pretends to be their granddaughter’s friend. Zurich citizens muse on the workings of everyday life as the city hums around them, indifferent to the minutiae of people’s lives. Cyril Schäublin’s intelligent debut feature is a finely paced reflection on the redistribution of wealth, bureaucracy, capitalism, trust and the impact of our ever-increasing dependence on technology.

The Return - 8.30pm Cineworld
An enthralling blend of fiction and documentary, Malene Choi’s emotionally absorbing film follows Danish-Korean adoptees as they head back to their native land in search of their birth parents. Denmark-raised Karoline (Karoline Sofie Lee) and Thomas (Thomas Hwan) meet at a Seoul guesthouse designed for returning Korean adoptees. As the two get to know each other, the film intercuts footage of other real-life residents dealing with the emotions that emerge from encounters with Korea, their birth parents and how this impacts their adoptive families.

What Will People Say (Hva vil folk si) - 8.40pm Vue Omni
See 21st June for details.

***25th June***

Dumped (Larguées) - 6.10pm Cineworld
Wild Rose (Camille Cottin) is a party-mad musician, while her sister Alice (Camille Chamoux) is a supremely ordered parent. They agree on one thing – taking their mother Françoise (the always-impressive Miou-Miou) on a tropical holiday for her 60th birthday after their father leaves her for a younger woman. Relaxing, tanning and drinking margaritas are central to the plan, but things work out in unexpected ways as romance, life choices and family disagreements take over good intentions. A classy French comedy-drama about mother-and-daughter relationships.

Those Who Are Fine (Dene wos guet geit) - 8.40pm Vue Omni
See 24th June for details.

Diving (Plonger) - 8.55pm Cineworld
Actor-turned-director Mélanie Laurent’s fourth feature is a beautifully mounted film, rich in atmosphere and mood. The film revels in the symbolism of its title, which reflects the story of the characters, forty-something French journalist César (Gilles Lellouche) and his younger partner, Spanish photographer Paz (María Valverde). They dive and sink low, before eventually rising to the surface – both literally and figuratively. A series of stunning locations helps to enhance this moody drama, told through flashback as the couple try to resolve problems in their relationship.

***26th June***

Return of the Hero (Le retour du héros) - 6.10pm Odeon 2
A charming comedy romp starring the ever-amusing Jean Dujardin as a swashbuckling swindler who tries to take advantage of an aristocratic family. Captain Neuville (Dujardin) vanished during one of Napoleon’s wars while engaged to Elisabeth’s (Mélanie Laurent) sister. Elisabeth forged letters from Neuville to cheer her sister up, but when a cowardly and dishevelled Neuville returns, both are caught up in the lies. Neuville wants to make money while Elisabeth tries to protect her family. A classic cat-and-mouse game ensues, with plenty of slapstick and cape-and-powder laughs.

***27th June***

Diving (Plonger) - 6.10pm Cineworld
See 25th June for details.

Several Conversations About a Very Tall Girl (Câteva conversații despre o fată foarte înaltă) - 6.15pm Odeon 4
Two young women start to chat about another woman, a former lover of both. As they grow closer and begin a tentative affair, the gap between them widens. One looks for answers and love while safely closeted away in her home, while the other is more confident and willing to take risks. What if going out equated to coming out? How can you defeat the suffocating prejudices pervading contemporary Romania? A fresh gem of a film, hailed as Romania's La vie d'Adèle.

Return of the Hero (Le retour du héros) - 8.30pm Cineworld
See 26th June for details.

***28th June***

Dumped (Larguées) - 6pm Vue Omni
See 25th June for details.

Tulipani: Love, Honour and a Bicycle - 8.45pm Odeon 4
A frothy, colourful and delightfully eccentric story of a young Canadian-Italian woman’s mission to discover the truth about her origins, Tulipani: Love, Honour and a Bicycle is a heart-warming pleasure (more Amélie than realist story). Anna (the impressive Ksenia Solo) journeys from Canada to beautiful Italy, where she encounters an ambitious Dutchman who takes tulips to Puglia, run-ins with the Mafia and even an exploding cave. A freewheeling and charming Euro romp that tackles love, honour, friendship and flowers, and is never less than breezy and engaging.

Woman Up (Numéro une) - 8.45pm Cineworld
Top businesswoman Emmanuelle Blachey (an impressive performance by Emmanuelle Devos) is approached by a club of equally powerful women who suggest she put herself forward to run France’s major water company (and be the first woman CEO of a company on France’s CAC 40). She is drawn into a vicious and bitter battle between a self-interested male business elite and a group of women determined to see change. As she tries to balance family and work, strategic relationships and business power plays take over her life.

***29th June***

The Apparition (L'Apparition) - 6pm Cineworld
The wonderfully stoic Vincent Lindon is perfectly cast in writer/director Xavier Giannoli’s absorbing drama that reads on paper like a Dan Brown thriller, but is defined by a much more naturalistic tone. Lindon stars as troubled war reporter Jacques, who is contacted by a French cardinal at the Vatican about 18-year-old Anna (Galetéa Bellugi), who claims she has seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary outside her village in southern France. It is up to Jacques to try and learn the truth.

Charlie and Hannah's Grand Night Out (Charlie en Hannah Gaan Uit) - 6.15pm Odeon 4
At turns surreal and deliciously romantic, this oddball black-and-white romp around town features best friends Charlie (Evelien Bosmans) and Hannah (Daphne Wellens) heading out for a night of fun, gin and tonics, chat and perhaps romance. Things get wonderfully weird when magic candy is thrown into the mix, as both young women reflect on their lives, experience altered realities and delve into new possibilities. This film is a real charmer; beautifully shot, packed with absurdist moments and driven by two wonderfully quirky and complex female characters.

Woman Up (Numéro une) - 8.40pm Vue Omni
See 28th June for details.

***30th June***

The Apparition (L'Apparition) - 12.35pm Cineworld
See 29th June for details.

Tulipani: Love, Honour and a Bicycle - 1.10pm Cineworld
See 28th June for details.

Charlie and Hannah's Grand Night Out (Charlie en Hannah Gaan Uit) - 3.45pm Vue Omni
See 29th Jnue for details.

Several Conversations About a Very Tall Girl (Câteva conversații despre o fată foarte înaltă) - 6.20pm Vui Omni
See 27th June for details.

The Return - 8.50pm Vue Omni
See 24th June for details.

While we take every opportunity to ensure the details for EIFF: European Perspectives Strand Events are accurate, we always advise that you contact the event organiser before setting out for the event to avoid disapointment.

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